Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Nudes | Maybelline New York

I had this pallete for a few months now and, to be honest, I'm quite enjoying it so far. My mom's cousin (don't know who is she for me, like my aunt or something? Let me know haha) got me this palette as a gift when she came back to visit us in Lithuania. I tried it right away and with a lot of hopes for this to work really well I was slightly disappointed bacause of pigmentation. Thoses shades are really gorgeous, but they are so light and soft when applied. But beside this you can really make it work when doing your everyday makeup for subtle and soft look. There are just two shades (the darkest two on the right) which could add a little bit of color pop on your eyes and quite a few matt and shimmery colors which looks amazing combined together. So, all things considered, it's really lovely pallete to have your hands on. 

What is your everyday makeup picks for the eyes?


  1. The packaging is super chic & simple. Go Maybelline! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. The eye-shadows are really pretty ! Too bad that they are very soft on the eyes...
    Lately I love using my Naked Basics palette !

  3. I love this palette, I really need to get this one and "the blushed nudes" too !! Very great post ! <3

    Suzanne xx
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  4. love this one and love the Blushed nudes as well

  5. I was so tempted to pick this up the other day! The shades look so wearable!

    Neelam |